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    The Spiritual Warrior Posted in Jujutsu, Martial Arts, Martial Arts Training, Ninpo

    I recently returned from 24 days of training at the Genbukan Honbu Dojo in Matsubushi, Japan.

    It was my first time back in almost 5 years. I had forgotten what it was like to train with so many world class Japanese Martial Artists at the same time.

    Why do I add the word Japanese to the term Martial Artists? Well, it is simply that having trained with many great martial artists over the years, there is still something special about people who follow the traditional Japanese way of exactness for its own sake.

    Now, before many of you get all bent out of shape and thing I am saying Japanese Martial Arts are the best, I am not. Do not confuse exactness with effectiveness. Indeed, holding to strict exactness for its own sake in a fight can be dangerous.

    I am not talking about the exactness of ones physical actions. I am talking about the Exactness of the person, his/her spirit, behavior, manners, etc.

    Even most modern Japanese have lost this quality; and so, to me they’ve lost what makes them Japanese.

    In Yoga, Satsanga (associating with high level Yogis) is considered necessary for one’s advancement. I believe it is the same for most people in all endeavors. And so, spending time with Soke and his Shihan was like a breath of fresh air to me.

    besides the training,  just going to lunch or diner with them is a form of Martial Arts training for me.